Read about the difference we have made - what we have noticed, what others have told us and the stories from our projects so far...

The Connection Space CIC is interested in understanding how our projects have impacted on the lives of those that have accessed them.  We do this by establishing peoples individual project hopes and goals, provide the support required to access the project and review their hopes/goals at the end of the project.  We also use other outcome measures to evaluate overall project aims and objectives.  The telling of participant stories to capture their journey is our most favourite way to better understand our social impact, supporting us to learn and grow as an organisation.

High Fives


The Connection Space CIC ran a 'Mens Support Group' facilitated by Robyn Hughes (Counsellor).  It started in 2018 prompted by an identified need from a number of local men living with low level mental health needs.  Following the support from the Counsellor to facilitate the group run by men, for men, meetings at The Connection Space, 72 Bank Road, Matlock or out in the community.



It was an exciting time for the CIC to run their first project at Matlock Farm Park - The Care Farming Project!  The project was facilitated by an Occupational Therapist and Counsellor, providing therapeutic nature based activities for people living with dementia and their carers.  The project also attracted an enthusiastic and skilled team of volunteers to support the project.  The CIC received very positive feedback from all involved, giving way to the momentum to create further projects to benefit  the local community.

This project has ran over the period of September 2017 to July 2019.  People who have accessed it have wished for it to continue, value to expertise of the facilitators and were attracted to it because it was active in its nature and promoted access to the outdoors what ever the weather!  It was also of particular interest to men and younger people living with dementia.   



Whilst collaborating with The Claire Dobinson School of Dancing and Mary Derrick (Independent Occupational Therapist), the CIC was able to provide opportunities for people to experience the therapeutic benefits of dance and music activities for those who might otherwise find it difficulty accessing dance sessions.  This was a particular opportunity for people living with dementia.  The sessions aimed to be fun, multi-sensory and to promote self expression through movement.  

The dancers told us they often felt brighter in mood after dancing, more motivated and better able to get on with their everyday activities.  Carers often told us that their loved ones were calmer and more engaging for the rest of the day following a Care to Dance session.  This project ran from 2018-19.



The Connection Space CIC was delighted to be able to facilitate this volunteer placement in the cafe at Matlock Farm Park.  This enabled a person living with dementia to use her skills, return to a role that she had previously enjoyed and to feel a sense of purpose each time she worked with the rest of the team in the busy cafe environment.  She tells us it is one of her highlights of the week!  

This placement started in September 2018 and continued to present day.